About the Human Connector

The Human Connector is a tool that is here to help you connect with yourself, those around you and the world at large in a fresh and novel way. The quality of your life you create by the quality of the relationships you have in your life. The three primary types of relationships you have are the relationship that you have with yourself, the relationship you have with those close to you and the relationship you have with society.

Everything in life is about right relationship. The Human Connector is a tool that is here to help you cultivate the right relationship with yourself, those around you and with society at large. Cultivating right relationship is through learning about how to listen to and respond correctly in the relationships you have.

The Human Connector gives you a map of your energy system, and the energy systems of those you connect with. This map will allow to become more aware of your own energy system and how it operates so you can listen to your own signals properly and understand how they work. This map will also show you how your processes connect with the processes of those you connect with in order that you can see and understand the dynamics of the connections you have in order to foster healthier relationship dynamics.

Life is a relationship game driven by our genetics. Human Design is the basis of the Human Connector, and the Human Connector uses Human Design in order to show you a map of how these genetic processes work in your relationships. This we achieve through Human Design being based on the I Ching, and the I Ching sharing the same mathematical structure as your DNA. The I Ching is a book developed in China and is over 5000 years old, and the Chinese still use it to this day, after millennia, as an Oracular tool to help them live more in alignment with life.

There is an entire field of bio-mathematics and many books and studies published exploring this connection between the I Ching and our DNA structure. Human Design uses this mathematical overlay between the I Ching and your DNA structure to show you how your DNA functions, and through that what your unique genetic process configuration is. Human Design does this through using the astrological configuration at your time of birth, and approximately 3 months before you were born to determine the I Ching activations of your Human Design chart.

Once you understand this information, it can help elevate your life to a higher level. First, through helping you to center yourself in your inner authority, through understanding how to listen to your body and how your body engages with life. This is so that you make decisions that are correct for you and get a life that is correct for you. One of the major problems with humanity is that they have brought us up to live in a certain way in order to fit into society, but it is out of alignment with whom we are. They also condition us continually in society to listen to external authority instead of our inner truth. If you don’t live in accord with your inner truth, you will never get a life that is true to you.

Second, you need to understand how you connect with those around you. You are only a piece of a larger puzzle and understanding why and how you connect with others to find fulfillment is fundamental to getting the most out of your connections. In our society at the moment we are playing roles in order to fulfill our own and others needs, though these roles trap us in inauthentic connections and don’t reflect who we are. The Human Connector can give you a map of why and how you connect with the people in your life, and through that how you find fulfillment and completion.

Third, we are all designed to contribute and share our unique skills, gifts and talents with the larger society in order to create collective security for our species. We can either do this on an individual level, or in tribal groups. The Human Connector can show you how you connect with others in order to integrate with and contribute towards the larger society that we are all part of.

You can think of the Human Connector as a social and emotional education game that you can explore with others. The idea behind the game is that you first need to learn about how the game works through learning about what drives you and how you function. This you do through studying your own individual Human Design profile.

Then you need to learn about how you connect with those that are in your life, this you do through bringing those that you know “into the game” and then you can study your connections through the connection charts, and watch the dynamics and how they operate in your life. It’s quite magical to see the information “come alive” through watching how it operates in your life once you are aware of it. You also learn how it works faster through you and others exploring the information together and reflecting what you’re learning about the various aspects through the various perspectives that you have.

Once you and those you connect with understand the dynamics of how you connect, then you can explore the various ways that you connect in order to contribute towards society together. One aspect of connecting with others is about creatively empowering individual creativity through following what you and others are passionate about. Another aspect is about how you support each other in order to fulfill the various needs that you and others have. The last aspect is how you connect to contribute creatively and purposefully towards society together.

The primary aim of the Human Connector is to show you and others how we as humanity form a biological network through how our circuitry connects with each other, and how our unique intelligences complement and interact with each other. Understanding this information we feel will allow us to self-organise ourselves as a species alternatively in order to fulfill our purpose on a collective level.

Apart from being a tool to increase your awareness about the connection to yourself and those that you have in your life, the Human Connector is also a new type of social collaboration social network. Social networks are very powerful tools for facilitating new types of social connections with others. As more and more people join the Human Connector, a global network is forming, which allows you to connect with others through an understanding of the dynamics of how your genetic processes synergize and life force systems connect, and how your intelligences interact with each other. This is a whole new level of understanding and awareness, with creating and maintaining human connections.

This new level of self-organisation will allow us to speed up solving the collective issues that we face as a species through understanding the mechanics of how we can self organise ourselves. Understanding how we fit together and how our intelligences work together can facilitate a vastly different way of us contributing purposefully towards the collective together. The Human Connector is a platform that can help us facilitate this new level of understanding in order that we can grow to a higher level of collective self-awareness, harmony and contribution.