Welcome to the Human Connector

The Human Connector is a social network that is here to help you understand how you connect with yourself and others using Human Design.

The most important thing that you have as a human being is your connection to yourself and others.

Understanding how you connect with yourself and others is key to living a successful life.


You are playing a role because you do not know how you connect with others

In our society, they force you into playing different roles to connect with others so you can fulfil yours and other’s needs.

The role doesn’t reflect who you are on an authentic intelligence level which can cause you to feel stuck and trapped, and that you are not expressing your true nature out into the world to feel fulfilled.

You are only a piece of the puzzle

You are only a piece of a puzzle and understanding how your puzzle piece connects with the other puzzle pieces that you connect to is key if you want to get the most out of your connections.

If you don’t understand how you connect, you might run around your entire life like a headless chicken not knowing how you need to connect with others to find the fulfilment that you seek.



Every person you meet, you connect with uniquely

Understanding your connection to others is an endless adventure.

There are multiple levels and dimensions to how you connect with others, and understanding these levels and dimensions grows as your awareness grows about the different facets that you connect with others on.

Understand your existing connections better

Whether you want to understand and utilise your existing connections better, which could be your connection to your partner, children, colleagues, friends, family, acquaintances or love interests better, the Human Connector can help enrich and add a new dimension to your life with others you connect with.



Make great new connections!

The Human Connector is a great tool to make new connections to others through understanding the mechanics of why and how you fit together.

If you are looking for new friends, people to collaborate with, a new love interest or to form interest groups based around authentic connection, then the Human Connector can help you with that.

The Human Connector will help you discover who is near you, what they are about and looking for, and how you connect with them.

Creating a better world together

In a nutshell, the better your connection with others, the better your life will be, and through that the better your contribution to the world will be, and if every human being has this knowledge, we will live in a much better world.

Unity is strength, and in the age of social distancing, the aim of the Human Connector is about us growing closer together through understanding our connections better.

It is all about having an awareness of your relationships and connection to others, and through that it will help you elevate your life experience to a higher level.



Your energy system and the way it connects with others forms a biological network

How you connect with others forms a biological network, as your energy system connects with the energy system of others in unique ways.

The Human Connector is like a map or a mirror that is here to help you understand how you contribute to help form this biological network with the connections you have.

You are a part of larger life processes that complete through your connections with others.

The Human Connector is here to help you grow better

Life is an evolutionary process, and you are an growing and mutating human being.

The Human Connector is here to help you grow with others through helping you to increase your awareness, as the way you grow is through increasing your awareness so you can live more in harmony with life.

The aim of this platform is to help you connect better with others and through that have a stronger, freer, and abundant life.



It is all about wavelength

The way you connect with others happens through the wavelength that you and others are on.

The more you are on the same wavelength as others, the better your connection will be with them.

The Human Connector is here to help you come onto a new common wavelength with others so that you connect better.

The biggest problem we must solve in our society is all of us being on different wavelengths through having different beliefs about the way life operates.

We can only build a better world when we are on the same wavelength as each other.

The Human Connector is a social network with purpose!

We all love connecting with others, so social networks have grown very popular, though it has also left human beings searching for genuine connection.

Social networks motivate ego based, attention grabbing motives, instead of inspiring real and purposeful connection to others.

This has resulted in much higher depression, feelings of isolation and suicide rates in our society.

If you understand the purpose for how you connect with others, and through that how to find fulfilment, it will allow you to find deeper meaning in your connection to others.

There is no need to compare, we are all unique and meant to be gifts in each other’s lives.


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